Thursday, April 7, 2011

Books I like to read

One of the things I enjoy in life is reading a good book. I love reading.

My mom says books have always been interesting to me. I grew up hearing that I learned to read when I was 3. The truth is that I don't remember, but she must be right, because I like everything that is related to words: reading, writing and learning languages.

My first books were literature for children. There was a wonderful library at my school, so I almost lived there! They had an awesome  collection of short stories called "Multiaventura" , which were really popular among my classmates. In these books  the young readers could choose alternative endings for their stories. They were really exciting!

Later, when  I was a teenager, I started to like novels . My favorite ones were detective stories. I used to spend my free time reading Agatha Christi's novels every summer. Her stories about crime were so fun that they made me forget I had no money to go on vacations.

I also got into Russian fairy tales, you can't even imagine how entertaining they are!, so if you have the chance, please try them. You will never regret, I promise.

Now, as an adult my literary interests have changed drastically. For example, fiction doesn't captivate my attention. Now I prefer reading things about spirituality, psychology or poltics.

Although I still enjoy reading,  I only read a bit when I'm on my way to work or back home. I don't have much free time.

What types of books do you like?

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