Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to the Blog Experience 2011 !!


This is the beginning of our blog experience. I invite you to "write and reach me" and to express yourseleves through the blogs you will create. You are also invited to put as much of yourselves as you can in your blogs.

Now I want to  tell you a little about me and the objectives I have for this blogging experience.

As I told you in our first class, I am a young English teacher who's married to a wonderful man  and  a mother of 2 angels.

I love teaching and I think I couldn't have chosen a better profession.

 I like music, dancing flamenco, singing, playing the guitar, writing poetry, reading, listening to radio programs about politics and opinion, and I enjoy social life and everything that's related to people.

My greatest ambition this semester is that you come to feel both comfortable and confident with English as you write in your blogs. I also expect you develop independence in the process and you can learn a lot of things on your own.

Those were some lines about me, but now it's your time to:
  • Write a short introductory/welcome post. (70 words)
  • Say who you are and what objectives you hope to achieve with your blog.
  • Leave comments on at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs.

The following is some important information that will help you when you create your blog:

1. To create your blog:

1. go to:
2. click: create your blog now
3. if you have a google account: sign in first
if you don’t have a google account: create a google account (step 1)
4. (step 2) name your blog
5. (2) choose any template you like
6. start posting (dashboard)

Make sure you select English as your working language and activate the comments option (automatic by default)
2. Getting in Touch

Link your teacher’s blog and ALL your classmates’ blogs to yours. To do this you need to write your URL on the board.

3. Make it Personal!

Personalize your blog (e.g. add a picture, survey, change colour fonts, etc).