Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Utopia

In my perfect world all the people are equal. There are physical, racial differences among individuals, but these are not a reason for exclussion. In my ideal world discrimination does not exist.

In such an ideal society, people are generous and they worry about each other. They help each other. Human relationships are the most important. Individualism is not possible.

My ideal world is not globalized. It is organized in community life. Technology is present, and all the benefits and comfort of modern life are available.

Couples marry in my ideal society. They have children. Family life is crucial. Parents devote exclusive time to every child, and they work just four hours a day.

The salaries are good. All jobs are paid equally because everybody understands that every single piece of work is a valuable contribution to society.

Spiritualty is also vital in my perfect society:  Everybody is a believer. Although there are differences in beliefs, there is a deep sense of respect. As a result, people share their views and just focus on the positive aspects of their faith which can enrich their neighbor's perspective, instead of arguing on doctrinal differences.

Education is the base of the whole system. It has great quality and it is learner-centered , integral and task-based.  It aims to develop the human being as a whole and all types of intelligences are taken into account.

In this utopia, conflicts and problems do exist, but they are solved through dialogue and reasoning. Therefore, the word "war" is not part of the dictionary.

In these lines I have described what Utopia means for me. Human beings would be so happy if we just could put all this into practice, but ...

... unfortunately, human beings will never be capable of such perfection. In my view, this world is getting worse and worse. There is no political system or social revolution that can lead us to perfection. The Human Race is decadent and it is destined to disappear.

Dear students. It's time for the second free themed post. In your next entry you should:

Describe your personal Utopia. Please refer to:

  • Social Differences
  • Political / Economic System
  • Family and Human Relationships
  • Work and Jobs
  • Spiritual Life
  • Education
  • Your impression on whether such utopia could become real one day or not. Say why.
Please, WRITE COMMENTS on AT LEAST 3 blogs (classmates). Yo must correct your classmates' grammatical mistakes  that you detect.
DON'T USE ONLINE TRANSLATORS. Use if you need any help with words and ASK YOUR TEACHER to help you with grammar.

Have a look at John Lennon's utopy: Imagine. I share the video of the song and lyrics.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is an interesting web site for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers  It is a good source of ideas and support for lesson planning.

In English, teachers can find lesson plans, teacher forums, ideas for school projects, teaching tips and TEFL articles.

I visit English Club quite often, because I am constantly planning new lessons and the web site has valuable and useful tips.

There is a section in English where teachers can find "The saying of the day", "The slang of the day" , "The phrasal verb of the day", and "The idiom of the day". This is my favorite. It's basically about vocabulary you woulndn't find in the dictionary: expressions with metaphoric meaning and everyday local  informal language available in the net. Students really enjoy learning this kind of things.

Dear students, as you can see one of the topics for our third post is " a carrer-related web site you enjoy visiting". I have chosen this as a demonstration, basically because I don't have anything to say about the SECOND  option, but you can choose the one you prefer, of course. The instructions for the first option are:

In 180 to 200 words write about a career-related website that you enjoy visiting.

You should:

- provide a link
- describe the website (sections, features,etc)
- say how often you visit the site
- explain why you like the site.

>Add comments to at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs

But, if you prefer OPTION 2, you should write about the following:

Who is a person/expert on your field that you admire?


-Who she/he is.(short biography)
-What she/he has done. (examples of their work)
-Why you like her/him.
-Include his/her image

> About 180 -200 words please
>Add comments to at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs

You have 2 alternatives as you see, so choose the one you like the most.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Books I like to read

One of the things I enjoy in life is reading a good book. I love reading.

My mom says books have always been interesting to me. I grew up hearing that I learned to read when I was 3. The truth is that I don't remember, but she must be right, because I like everything that is related to words: reading, writing and learning languages.

My first books were literature for children. There was a wonderful library at my school, so I almost lived there! They had an awesome  collection of short stories called "Multiaventura" , which were really popular among my classmates. In these books  the young readers could choose alternative endings for their stories. They were really exciting!

Later, when  I was a teenager, I started to like novels . My favorite ones were detective stories. I used to spend my free time reading Agatha Christi's novels every summer. Her stories about crime were so fun that they made me forget I had no money to go on vacations.

I also got into Russian fairy tales, you can't even imagine how entertaining they are!, so if you have the chance, please try them. You will never regret, I promise.

Now, as an adult my literary interests have changed drastically. For example, fiction doesn't captivate my attention. Now I prefer reading things about spirituality, psychology or poltics.

Although I still enjoy reading,  I only read a bit when I'm on my way to work or back home. I don't have much free time.

What types of books do you like?

Please wite:

  • a comment on at least 3 of your classmates posts
  • 120 - 150 words