Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Final Tests Practice

Dear students:

The following are some links to practice for the final tests. (Oral and Written)

I suggest working on the online exercises you find there (Listening, Reading, Speaking Topics). If you commit yourseleves to this on the following days, you will get better results.
(PET Practice)  (Expressions for Speaking Practice)

Kind Regards!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Music at Bellas Artes, Parque Forestal and Lastarria

This picture was taken by "La Vitrola" last May 14th 2011. La Vitrola is a group of students of Film School at La Chile who make videos of Chilean musicians playing live in different places in the country . All the videos are uploaded to their web site

If you are interested in music, and especially  in the new national sounds this is the right site to visit.

The photograph was taken after we finished  filming the last song of our playlist  "Pedro"  at Parque Forestal, which will appear soon  on "La Vitrola. cl"

This is Martin Pescador's myspace, in case you want to know what our music is like.

The experience of having your own music videos was definitely interesting. This picture is a beautiful record of this nice, musical saturday afternoon in Bellas Artes sorroundings.

I really had a great time singing and being filmed  in Parque Forestal and in the streets of "Barrio Lastarria". I never thought I was going to be part of someting like this.  I absolutely felt like an indie rock star.

The weather was perfect that day, the people from "La Vitrola" were very nice. Everything was so aesthetic and artistic ... It's definitely something I will always remember.

Now, I am just waiting for the videos on the net. When they're edited, they will appear on the web site, so if you want to have a look at them, don't forget to visit La Vitrola.

Write about a photograph you like.


Who took it
What it shows
When it was taken
Why you like it
Upload it too

Include any other information you'd like to mention.
Write at least 280 words.

Add comments to at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

London Web Quest

You are going to spend a week in London evaluating tourist locations for an end of year study trip.
Here is a list of things you want to do while you are there.  Follow the links and fill in the table.

Half Day Outings
London Eye
The British Museum
The Tower of London (including Crown Jewels)
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
The Natural History Museum
The Tate Modern Art Gallery
Full day
Kew Gardens
Camden Market

The Official London Tube Web Site

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My favorite piece of technology

Every time people think of techonolgy  things like computers, i pods, or modern cell phones come to their minds, but in my personal case, it's different. When I think of technology, I think of my hair straightener.

It may sound a bit shallow, but the truth is my favorite piece of technology is my hair straightener.
I couldn't live without it!

Hair straighteners are a great device for women, (and even for some men). We can get our hairs done in a few minutes without going to the hairdresser's. They can be used to straighten or even to make waves in one's hair.

In my personal case, I use it every day, because my natural hair is wavy, but I need it perfectly straight in this period of my life.

I got my hair cut last year. I decided to change its style and try  the bob hairstyle.
The straight short bob was something I always wanted to try, but I never dared to, because I don't like the way it looks in me with my waves, so I just thought it wasn't meant for me.

I wanted to get a "new look" and change from my long wavy hair to a straight short bob, so a friend gave me the straightener as a birthday present. In this way, she encouraged me to change. With this magic piece of technology I could easily look like a different person.

If I didn't have my straightener, I think I wouldn't feel comfortable with my new  appearance, and these kind of things are important for women. This is why I think t's definetly one of the best inventions in the world!

Write about your favourite piece of technology.


What it is.
When you got it.
How you use it.
How often you use it.
Why you like it.
What life would be like without it.
Write comments on at least 3 blogs.

Remember to use for words you don't know and ask your teacher about other questions.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Utopia

In my perfect world all the people are equal. There are physical, racial differences among individuals, but these are not a reason for exclussion. In my ideal world discrimination does not exist.

In such an ideal society, people are generous and they worry about each other. They help each other. Human relationships are the most important. Individualism is not possible.

My ideal world is not globalized. It is organized in community life. Technology is present, and all the benefits and comfort of modern life are available.

Couples marry in my ideal society. They have children. Family life is crucial. Parents devote exclusive time to every child, and they work just four hours a day.

The salaries are good. All jobs are paid equally because everybody understands that every single piece of work is a valuable contribution to society.

Spiritualty is also vital in my perfect society:  Everybody is a believer. Although there are differences in beliefs, there is a deep sense of respect. As a result, people share their views and just focus on the positive aspects of their faith which can enrich their neighbor's perspective, instead of arguing on doctrinal differences.

Education is the base of the whole system. It has great quality and it is learner-centered , integral and task-based.  It aims to develop the human being as a whole and all types of intelligences are taken into account.

In this utopia, conflicts and problems do exist, but they are solved through dialogue and reasoning. Therefore, the word "war" is not part of the dictionary.

In these lines I have described what Utopia means for me. Human beings would be so happy if we just could put all this into practice, but ...

... unfortunately, human beings will never be capable of such perfection. In my view, this world is getting worse and worse. There is no political system or social revolution that can lead us to perfection. The Human Race is decadent and it is destined to disappear.

Dear students. It's time for the second free themed post. In your next entry you should:

Describe your personal Utopia. Please refer to:

  • Social Differences
  • Political / Economic System
  • Family and Human Relationships
  • Work and Jobs
  • Spiritual Life
  • Education
  • Your impression on whether such utopia could become real one day or not. Say why.
Please, WRITE COMMENTS on AT LEAST 3 blogs (classmates). Yo must correct your classmates' grammatical mistakes  that you detect.
DON'T USE ONLINE TRANSLATORS. Use if you need any help with words and ASK YOUR TEACHER to help you with grammar.

Have a look at John Lennon's utopy: Imagine. I share the video of the song and lyrics.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is an interesting web site for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers  It is a good source of ideas and support for lesson planning.

In English, teachers can find lesson plans, teacher forums, ideas for school projects, teaching tips and TEFL articles.

I visit English Club quite often, because I am constantly planning new lessons and the web site has valuable and useful tips.

There is a section in English where teachers can find "The saying of the day", "The slang of the day" , "The phrasal verb of the day", and "The idiom of the day". This is my favorite. It's basically about vocabulary you woulndn't find in the dictionary: expressions with metaphoric meaning and everyday local  informal language available in the net. Students really enjoy learning this kind of things.

Dear students, as you can see one of the topics for our third post is " a carrer-related web site you enjoy visiting". I have chosen this as a demonstration, basically because I don't have anything to say about the SECOND  option, but you can choose the one you prefer, of course. The instructions for the first option are:

In 180 to 200 words write about a career-related website that you enjoy visiting.

You should:

- provide a link
- describe the website (sections, features,etc)
- say how often you visit the site
- explain why you like the site.

>Add comments to at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs

But, if you prefer OPTION 2, you should write about the following:

Who is a person/expert on your field that you admire?


-Who she/he is.(short biography)
-What she/he has done. (examples of their work)
-Why you like her/him.
-Include his/her image

> About 180 -200 words please
>Add comments to at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs

You have 2 alternatives as you see, so choose the one you like the most.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Books I like to read

One of the things I enjoy in life is reading a good book. I love reading.

My mom says books have always been interesting to me. I grew up hearing that I learned to read when I was 3. The truth is that I don't remember, but she must be right, because I like everything that is related to words: reading, writing and learning languages.

My first books were literature for children. There was a wonderful library at my school, so I almost lived there! They had an awesome  collection of short stories called "Multiaventura" , which were really popular among my classmates. In these books  the young readers could choose alternative endings for their stories. They were really exciting!

Later, when  I was a teenager, I started to like novels . My favorite ones were detective stories. I used to spend my free time reading Agatha Christi's novels every summer. Her stories about crime were so fun that they made me forget I had no money to go on vacations.

I also got into Russian fairy tales, you can't even imagine how entertaining they are!, so if you have the chance, please try them. You will never regret, I promise.

Now, as an adult my literary interests have changed drastically. For example, fiction doesn't captivate my attention. Now I prefer reading things about spirituality, psychology or poltics.

Although I still enjoy reading,  I only read a bit when I'm on my way to work or back home. I don't have much free time.

What types of books do you like?

Please wite:

  • a comment on at least 3 of your classmates posts
  • 120 - 150 words

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to the Blog Experience 2011 !!


This is the beginning of our blog experience. I invite you to "write and reach me" and to express yourseleves through the blogs you will create. You are also invited to put as much of yourselves as you can in your blogs.

Now I want to  tell you a little about me and the objectives I have for this blogging experience.

As I told you in our first class, I am a young English teacher who's married to a wonderful man  and  a mother of 2 angels.

I love teaching and I think I couldn't have chosen a better profession.

 I like music, dancing flamenco, singing, playing the guitar, writing poetry, reading, listening to radio programs about politics and opinion, and I enjoy social life and everything that's related to people.

My greatest ambition this semester is that you come to feel both comfortable and confident with English as you write in your blogs. I also expect you develop independence in the process and you can learn a lot of things on your own.

Those were some lines about me, but now it's your time to:
  • Write a short introductory/welcome post. (70 words)
  • Say who you are and what objectives you hope to achieve with your blog.
  • Leave comments on at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs.

The following is some important information that will help you when you create your blog:

1. To create your blog:

1. go to:
2. click: create your blog now
3. if you have a google account: sign in first
if you don’t have a google account: create a google account (step 1)
4. (step 2) name your blog
5. (2) choose any template you like
6. start posting (dashboard)

Make sure you select English as your working language and activate the comments option (automatic by default)
2. Getting in Touch

Link your teacher’s blog and ALL your classmates’ blogs to yours. To do this you need to write your URL on the board.

3. Make it Personal!

Personalize your blog (e.g. add a picture, survey, change colour fonts, etc).